thủ tục thừa kếLong Long Law would like to guide customers procedures for claiming inheritance as follows
– First line of inheritance includes spouse, natural father, mother, adoptive father, foster mother, biological child, adopted child of the deceased;
– Second inheritance includes grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, deceased brother; Nephew of the deceased, the deceased is his grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother;
– Third line of inheritance includes: internal organs, foreign body of the dead; Uncle, intestinal uncle, intestinal brother, aunt, aunt of the dead; The grandson of the deceased person is the uncles, uncle, intestinal anesthesia, intestinal anesthesia, intestinal anesthesia of the deceased and the deceased is an inferior.
Heirs of the same line enjoy the same inheritance. Those who inherit the following inheritance only inheritance, if no one in the previous line of inheritance is dead, has no right to inheritance, is deprived of the right of inheritance or refused to receive the chia thừa kế theo pháp luật estate.